Ideas For Condo Renovation

As a condo owner, you can renovate the existing rooms to make your space more attractive and comfortable. During renovation of your space, you will be able to maximize on the existing space. Let us discuss your condo renovation room by room and if you still have questions after reading this article, contact us!

Condo Kitchens

This space should be one of the areas of main focus. With a condo, the kitchen space can be small compared to other family homes. You can maximize this space during the renovation process. The best option for your kitchen is the open plan design. In the event that you don’t feel like knocking down the walls, then you should make good use of the available kitchen space. Come up with the right layout that will help you in achieving this.


You should brightly color your walls to make the space look bigger. Brightly painted walls bring in a lot of light, making the room appear bigger. If the kitchen is open plan, ensure that the color of the kitchen walls matches with the walls of the living room. An alternative to painting the walls is using brightly colored tiles. White tiles, for example, are a very effective option during these renovations.


The floor will give the wall a complete look. In this case, just like you did with the wall, ensure that the color is uniform, especially when you have an open plan kitchen. The most commonly used flooring material is engineered wood. However, you can also use ceramic tiles on your floor. Get a dark-colored tile to complement the bright walls. This will make your space appear more modern and spacious.


The kitchen countertops are the most conspicuous areas. Use soapstone on your countertops. These usually have undoubted durability. They are also easy to clean and will leave your kitchen sparkling and attractive. You can choose from the wide range of colors that exist.

For the open plan kitchen, you can also install cabinets on the wall which will act as storage spaces. You should also consider bringing in a kitchen chair and table.

Condo Living Rooms

This is the condo’s most focal point. You get your home entertainment and comfort in this room. It is arguably the largest room in your home. In the event that you have an open plan kitchen, the living room and the kitchen will flow together.


You most probably like a carpet on your floor. Its comfortable and luxurious. Alternatively, you can install hardwood floors.


You should have comfortable seats in your living room. The most common seat is an upholstery couch. Place a coffee table in the middle of the room.

Design Accents

Use large pendant light in the living room. Chandeliers also offer you an effective lighting option. You can also install large mirrors to make your space look bigger.

Condo Bathrooms

  • Walls

You can change the walls by either painting them or retiling them.

  • Floors

The floor has to be tiled. Use dark colors on the floor to complement the bright colors on the walls. You can also install a wooden floor.

Condo Bedrooms

  • Walls

Use soft colors on the wall. Avoid using dark colors; they will prevent you from waking up early. You can install an open bookshelf on the wall and create space for a screen.

  • Floors

Hardwood floors are the best option for your bedroom.


You most definitely need a bed in your bedroom. You can also go ahead and install other furniture, including dressing table.

Condo Stairs

  • Traditional Stairs

Traditional stairs are what we all used to. It’s usually wooden, and you can update them using a number of metal elements. You can also consider installing hanging stairs.

  • Spiral Stairs

This has the advantage of occupying a smaller space. This can easily fit in one corner of the condo. It is also possible to customize it to fit into your condo design.

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