Backsplash Tile Installation

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Backsplash Installation in Toronto

Talent Contracting Inc. is proud to serve backsplash tile installation in Toronto and all across the Greater Toronto Area. Adding new and colorful tiles or installing backsplash is certainly going to improve the look of your home. No need to spend a fortune for any major renovation. Doing these simple and cost-effective measures will add to your home’s elegant look. You can apply this simple value-addition to your home and see the value of your home increase by many thousands of dollars.

Kitchen & fireplace hearths

Experts say that a kitchen is the focal point of any household. The way it looks has a lot to depict on the house owner’s attitude towards health and hygiene. If such a prominent corner of your home has an outdated and damaged backsplash, it not only ruins the look of your kitchen but also pulls down the aesthetics of your home. If you are bothered by a damaged backsplash, replace it immediately. Apart from aesthetics, a well-made backsplash protects the drywall of your home from potential water damage.

Talent Contacting Inc. is specialized in beautifying and remodeling your fireplace hearths. Our service ranges from doing faux stone to tiles and much more. We take special care to renovate your fireplace with such expertise that it turns into an eye-candy.

Tiles & Backsplash Installation Service

Our service offerings are tailored for residential and commercial settings like:

Kitchen Backsplash

Shower enclosures

Fireplace hearths

Materials we work with

  • ceramic
  • faux brick
  • glass
  • limestone
  • marble
  • metal
  • mosaics
  • natural stone
  • porcelain
  • quartzite
  • sandstone
  • slate
  • stacked stone
  • travertine
  • vinyl

Our Backsplash Installation Steps

  1. Old tile Removing
  2. Measuring the Wall
  3. Preparing the Workspace
  4. Preparing the Wall
  5. Pre-laying the Tile
  6. Preparing and Applying the Mortar
  7. Laying the Tile
  8. Drying the Tile
  9. Cleaning the Tile
  10. Preparing the Grout
  11. Grouting the Tile
  12. Sealing the Tile

Do You Need Tiles and Backsplash Installation Services?

Over last decades, the expert crews of Talent Contracting Inc. installed marble, travertine, granite, ceramic and engineered stone tiles in industrial, commercial and residential settings. Talent Contracting Inc. has a team of licensed, bonded and certified tile installers who ensure smooth tile installation for all the clients.

Crucial Factors to Consider Before You Start Tiles, Backsplash Installation

Laying floor or wall tiles require skilled hands as it involves multiple essential elements related to installation. At Talent Contracting Inc. we assign a team of professional tile installers for every project to scrutinize the condition of sub-floor and see if it needs leveling. Having a solidly built and properly leveled sub-floor is extremely crucial for the tile to get a firm grip on the floor. Many contractors, unlike Talent Contracting Inc., purposefully skip these steps as they don’t have floor leveling experts like we do.

The flooring experts at Talent Contracting Inc. give prime importance to size, type, and quality of the tiles. Specific challenges are involved in getting the desired results from an installation by reduction of wastage and adopting custom-fit installation techniques for ceramic, travertine, granite, marble or porcelain. The modern-day designers are fond of larger tiles like 12”x24”, 24”x24” and 24”x 48”. The sheer size and weight makes it even more challenging to cut, level and install but the expert technicians of Talent Contracting Inc. are capable of handling any tricky installation.

Why Choose Talent Contracting Inc.

Talent Contracting Inc. has completed numerous tiles installation jobs in Toronto and around the Greater Toronto Area for many years. Our persistent effort to raise the bar of service standard has created a large base of loyal customers who vouch for our service quality and commitment. Owners of commercial and residential complexes can place their trust in the abilities of Talent Contracting Inc. for installation of fireplace tiles, backsplash and shower enclosures.

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