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Basement Renovations in Toronto

Talent Contracting Inc. is proud to serve basement renovations in Toronto and all across the Greater Toronto Area. We take a great deal of pride in the quality of renovations. We take the time to really listen to our customers, so you can be assured that you will be getting exactly what you need.

A basement is the most underrated place in your house. It can be renovated for all tastes. More often than not, it is transformed into a liveable space. Moreover, the improvement of the basement affects the price of the apartment on sale.

We will help you in navigating the planning of basement renovation, getting inspiring design ideas and making your basement a fun place to be in!

At the time of reselling or renting your home, your remodeled and well-decored finished basement will add extra value to your house value. If you are considering the basement renovation of your house in Toronto, start by jazzing up your basement.

cost of basement renovations

The cost of renovations varies as it depends on the choice of appliances, painting, systems and devices installed, materials, flooring and lighting, plumbing, etc. Basement cost varies entirely based on whether you want your finished basement to look simple or luxurious.

Our recommendation would be to check the cost-vis-à-vis feasibility factor after comparing the budget you have kept aside for the renovations project.


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Basement Renovation Ideas

Over the years we’ve changed a lot of basements. Below we’ve made a selection of the most interesting ideas for your house.

Home theatre

Home theatres allow you to enjoy the beauty of life away from the tiring and boring daily routines. Installing an architectural lighting on the ceiling helps to derive the real movie experience. Adding a carpet to the floor will help to confine sound within the finished basement. The children can now enjoy watching their favorite movies while you also watch your favorite hockey or football team.


It will cost you just a little investment to avoid the high cost of gym membership and still have perfect workouts by dedicating a corner of your basement for a gym. Buying some free weights, a yoga mat, an exercise ball and an elastic band will set your room ready for the job, as you wait to purchase more equipment with time. Add a large mirror, towels and a cold water refrigerator, plus a wall-mounted TV for viewing fitness videos gives your room the real gym environment.


Game Room

Get yourself more fun by dedicating some space for a pool table, tennis table or a ping pong table. That would almost suffice for a small basement, but if your basement has adequate space, then finished basements with more games like bowling are the perfect way to peak your fun.

Family Room

A well-lit section of your finishing basement with adequate space for toys and all playing tools will help attract children away from your busy living room. It is even more ideal for mall basements it provides the best way for children to pass time as they wait for the parents to go through the ling shopping journey in the mall.

Rec room

Nothing brings more joy to the members of your family than an extra room for recreational activities. Your basement rec room can be designed for a specific recreational activity or subdivided into different sections for different activities. Basement rec room ideas can include a gym, home theater, library, children’s play area, pool and many more


Turning your basement into an apartment is one way of earning extra income, or hosting a relative in need. How beautifully and functionally done your basement apartment is, greatly determines how much it would be worth. With everyone looking for affordable housing, it is an investment that never goes to waste.

Laundry Room

The sound from the laundry can be so annoying, especially when you just want some peace of mind. Having a basement laundry ensures that the rest of the family stays at peace without the squeaky sounds from the laundry.


Basement walk-outs can also serve as an extra entrance to your basement, and even adjoin to other rooms of your choice. Having a basement walk-out in your renovation plan is important in ensuring your privacy while at the same time connecting the basement with the rest of the house.


Basement stairs are similar to other stairs in many ways, but there are some slight differences, depending on how you intend to use you your basement. It’s important to consider the material and design for your basement stairs, in order to get the best experience when using the steps.


Including a bar in your basement design is a worthy temptation if you love beer and partying. We can also redesign your finished basement to include a bar without consuming much space. This way, you are able to entertain friends in the most convenient way ever. And the beautiful part of it is that you can always design this section yourself to suit your style, leaving only the plumbing and electrical work for the experts.

Living Space

An enhanced living space that provides a space for kids to play or some quiet home office has become so fashionable. Getting the best contractor in our company for the job will ensure there is harmony with the main living room and the rest of the basement, so that the additional room does not interfere with your desired style for the living room.


Nothing makes your finished basement more luxurious than to have a basement bathroom to help avoid having to move back to the main floor. Improve the quality of your basement by adding a bathroom next to your basement guest suite, or just having it as a standalone bathroom.


You definitely have something old or antique that is dear to you. Instead of doing away with it, or letting it formlessly around your house, basement vintage remodel is the best way to breathe life into your old treasures and creatively decorate your basement.


If you are constructing a new basement as part of home improvement, it is important to ensure proper lighting. Even if not new, you may still need to improve the lighting when you renovate the basement to provide coherence with the main floor and improve the aesthetic quality of the basement area.


The finished basement is the best place to locate an additional pantry for your dry non-perishable goods and household supplies. All you need to do a complete cleanout and treatment for insects and critters. The pantry needs to be kept waterproof to ensure no moisture touches your food and other goods.


Adding a small kitchen in your basement with a fridge and heating area will help you avoid movement back to the main kitchen when you are handling other tasks or resting in your basement. This is a common feature in most modern basements, and helps to reduce the hassle between the floors.


Basement storage is a clever way of utilizing space. Whether you need to install cabinets or drawers or just declutter your home, the basement is the best to opt for. Keep your stuff safe, but still out of sight.

Guest rooms

Having a basement guest room is ideal for hosting aged parents, adult-children, your child’s nanny or any other guests you may have. We provide numerous basement guest room ideas that go well with everyone’s unique taste.

Wine Cellar

There’s no better place to have your wine cellar than a finished basement. Sparing a small space in your basement for a wine cellar helps you avoid the chaotic public wine spots, so that you can entertain your friends and guests in a peaceful environment. You are also able to buy your wine at wholesale price and keep it at the basement cellar as you wait to enjoy it at your pace and peace.


A basement fireplace is a creative and fun way of spicing up your basement reno by adding more light and making it more cozy. It not only reduces energy bills, but also makes up for the lack of natural light in the basement.


Shelves are very vital in a decluttering process, which is why you need to let the pros handle your basement shelving. This is a very easy way to organize your basement and get more storage space.


Creating a walk-out for your bungalow basement comes with a lot of benefits. Besides increasing natural light and extra living space, you can also use it for a basement apartment. Moreover, it adds a visual appeal to your bungalow.


A basement bedroom, guest room or basement apartment, all come with the automatic need for basement showers. Professional basement renovation companies can install basement showers without breaking the concrete and let you have your extra bathroom.

Our Basement Renovation Services

Our goal is to ensure a wonderful experience for every client that hires our services.

We offer full customer support throughout the process. Our renovations service package comes with consultation, designing and construction.


Our financing options are simple and easy to use, depending on what suits your needs the most

Consultation services

We offer free consultation services for our clients, regarding every critical element involved. We help our clients calculate what is viable for their renovation budgets depending on the average basement renovation cost.

3D Designs

We let you into the idea of how your building will look like, by using first class software for professional renovation.


Apart from the manufacturer warranty that come with our specially chosen materials, we also offer warranty for the services that we provide.

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Achieving 100% customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, whenever our company offer any service. We endeavor to transform your basement and let your dream come true. Based in Canada, our company is committed to professional service, and our honesty in service is what builds our clients’ trust in us. Our services are very affordable, with the cost per square foot being among the lowest in Canada.

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