Basement Lighting Renovations

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Pendant Lighting Fixtures

These lights are ideal for basements that have been converted into living rooms. Pendant lights drop from the ceiling and hang over the area that you would want to illuminate. These lights are not only good for illumination purposes but are also decorative and can improve your basement’s aesthetic. With glowing colors and their unique hanging appearance, they define the space around them.

These lights can also be used to offer focused task lighting, overall ambient lighting and colorful accent lighting. This improves their usability in basement study rooms and kitchens. They also have a dimmer switch which helps you in dialing the amount of light you need depending on the occasion and even the mood.

Recessed Can Lighting

This is the best option for a basement with a suspended ceiling. Recessed lighting comes in handy as it focuses light above the area that should be illuminated. They are the most preferred if you have converted your basement into a dining or a craft area. The downlighting translates into bright light as the shadows and glare get minimized. You can also use them for a basement playroom. They illuminate the play area effectively. In the basement living room, this light illuminates the sitting area, which makes the furnishings and the artwork in the room conspicuous.

Combine Lighting Fixture Types

You can also choose to combine the lighting fixture types. This can be very effective for your basement as it is a darker space in your house. This means that even during the day, the lighting will be very poor, scarce or even non-existent. You can get these capabilities in a modern – style chandelier. This is because it serves three different purposes. It will provide the general ambient needed for lighting the whole room. It is also located over the desktop, providing task lighting for office work. The flamboyance that comes with this light harmonizes the design scheme.

Quartz-Halogen Track Lighting

With quartz-halogen track lighting is the best when you intend to have a precise focus in your basement. It can emit a dazzling beam of brilliant light where it is most needed.

Your choice of lighting for the basement is dependent on some factors. You will have to consider the kind of budget you have when making this kind of decision. The budget determines the depth you are willing to go when installing the lighting. It will also depend on your intended design and what you plan to do with the room. The size of your basement also matters a lot.

Since lighting involves your electrical connections, you must engage an expert when doing the fixtures. Doing it yourself might result in electrical faults. If not so, you will be exposing yourself to fatality. Ensure that you observe all these factors for the best ever results.


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