5 Factors Affecting Basement Renovation Cost

Let us discuss some of the factors that will influence the cost of your basement.

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1. Size of your basement

The first one is the size of your basement in square feet. All costs related to your basement will be determined by the size of the floor space. The size of the floor determines the cost of finishing and the drywall.

2. Cost of labor

The second factor is the cost of labor. You can opt for DIY if the cost of labor is too high. This can be the best option for you in Toronto. A contractor will inflate your total cost.

3. Bathroom

The third factor is the bathroom. The cost of installing a bathroom in your basement can be an expensive affair. The design of the bathroom, including whether it is full, half, tiled or laminated, will determine the total cost used in the whole process.

4. Escape hatch

The fourth factor is the existence of an escape hatch. This involves the installation of an egress window that can be used in times of emergency as opposed to having the stairs only. This will inflate your budget.

5. Flooring

The fifth factor is flooring. What will you install on the floor? Is it a carpet? Is it engineered wood, wood laminate or tiles? The cheapest option is a concrete floor. You can add a carpet on it later.

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