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Bathroom Renovation Toronto

Inspire yourself with an entirely modern and renovated bathroom! Why spend a fortune on getting a new bath when you can easily remodel it to make it your oasis. Relax anytime with updated bathroom fittings, fixtures, showers, steam room, jacuzzi or a new rain head shower.

Our washroom is one of the most important places in our house since that is the place we normally start our day at by preparing for work or school or any other activity that might awaits us that day. But most importantly that is the place we find ourselves in right before we go to bed. That is why our washroom needs to be a soothing place that serves us in a best functional way possible.

Talent Contracting Inc. will be your prime partner to make your bathroom almost new. Let us handle everything for you and destress yourself. If you have been dreaming of a luxurious bath where you can relax at leisure, let us make it a reality for you.

Do You Need Bathroom Renovation Service?

If you need bathroom renovation service, look no further than Talent Contracting Inc.

Reliable and trustworthy, each one of our fully licensed and trained professionals is an expert in their area. We are skilled at handling projects from a small apartment bathroom renovation to new installations at a huge condo complex.

Remodeling or Adding A Bathroom Is An Investment

If you opt to sell your home, the remodeling work that our designers will do on your bathroom will add its value by between 90% and 110%.
The prices of the bathroom renovation materials vary, depending on your preferences. The type of sinks, tubs, tiles, toilets, showers, and lights will determine the price.
Our professionals offer installation and replacement for just about everything in your bathroom, from doors to showers and everything else. Just get in touch with us for a bathroom or home renovation deal of a lifetime.

Crucial Factors to Consider Before You Renovate Your Bathroom

Our contractors have collated some vital factors to consider before you get started with your bathroom remodeling:

  • Flooring style – floor tile and wall tile
  • Bathroom fittings and fixtures
  • Type of Cabinets
  • Shower, Jacuzzi or other appliances
  • Lighting

Our bathroom renovation Services

At Talent Contracting Inc, we deliver the best-in-class services for you in all aspects of bathroom renovation.

Once you choose your appliance, shower fittings, flooring style, cabinets to be installed, the cost of the entire remodeling can be calculated. The final price is decided based on your requirements, the actual cost of the raw materials and their installation fees.

Complete range of flooring including marble, tile, stone and painting services.

Types of Bathroom Renovation

Whether you are looking to beautify your bathroom or you just want to repair some damage, there are many ideas at your disposal.

We give you beautiful renovation options including beautiful flooring and countertops, handheld sprayers that make your bathtub easy to maintain, and beautiful ultra-modern paneling.

Adding a trendy new mirror, classic shelves, and chrome-accent towel bars, and a ferociously attractive color will give your bathroom an awesome new look.

Get some unique and stylish light fixtures to replace the old ones, giving some artistic life to your bathroom.

Get beautifully colored pull-out shelves that are deep enough to add some space.

Get some beautiful budget tiles to perfect your bathroom walls.

Why Choose Talent Contracting Inc.

For all your customized bathroom renovation needs, trust Talent Contracting Inc. Let us help you get rid of old and crusty bathroom fittings and pamper you with our latest additions on the block.

We will take utmost care that your desires are met to the highest service standards possible. We have more than hundred satisfied customers all across the Toronto area and strive to deliver our best in each project that we do. Just call us today to discuss your custom bathroom renovation project with one of our skilled professionals.

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