Estimate Renovation Cost

Estimate your Renovation Cost

There are different factors that lead to the variations in the costs of home renovation. The first and most significant factor is the level of complexity that you’d want your renovation project to take. A simpler project takes less than a highly luxurious home renovation. Other determinants include the appliances, devices and systems installed, the materials used in the renovation and the type of flooring as well as lighting quality that you opt for. It is therefore vital to achieve a balance when making choices in a manner that you get what you desire while sticking within your budget.

Quick Cost Estimation for Home Renovation Services in Toronto and GTA

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Some of building materials are included in this price.




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$4 / sq ft
Calculated based on floor size. $3 / sq ft
Calculated based on floor size. $8 / sq ft
$10 / sq ft
$50 / potlight
Total (estimated)$

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