Basement Bathroom Renovations

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Basement Bathroom Renovations

With a few bathrooms at home, there is the likelihood that you will always be inconvenienced when you want to use them. You most definitely have to come up with an expansion plan that will enable you to restore the comfort you assumed you would enjoy after constructing your home. You should not look any further. The solution lies within the house itself. You can now transform your basement into an extra bathroom.

You don’t have to do this alone. We are located in Toronto and have an array of designs from our previous works that you can choose from. We are also able to personalize whichever layout you deem fit. It doesn’t matter to us whether it will be a small remodel or a full transformation. We are here to assist you to achieve your construction desires.

Creating Your Ideal Washroom

We are aware of how painstaking bathroom remodeling can be for you. We are here to sail with you through this process seamlessly. We have a well-trained workforce that will help you in making some significant decisions involved in this project. We will identify for you the best position for the bathroom in the basement. This will be followed by coming up with a design that will circumvent plumbing lines that can easily leak. We will check on both the floor and the basement ceiling. This will also entail repairing any other existing plumbing issue that could be giving you sleepless nights. Further, we will ensure that we use long-lasting materials that will shield you from problems in future.

You most definitely need a shower in your basement bathroom. We are able to assist you in choosing one of the best shower design and tub designs. Being a dark area, we will also provide you with the best lighting options for your basement. By considering your input in all these factors, you can rest assured that you will have a customized bathroom.


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Working Together

We desire to deliver a basement bathroom that you will be proud of. The bathroom should be appealing from top to bottom. When you engage us, we will ensure that you are involved in every stage of the construction. We will also want to know your budget for every step in the process. By establishing what you are willing to spend, we will come up with the best options on how best we can manage the budget and still deliver the desired quality. We want the bathroom to be well ventilated and with a better functionality.

The other bit about us is that we have been in the industry for a long time. This has seasoned us with the necessary experience needed to execute any task as far as the basement bathroom is concerned. This experience is backed up with some of the most modern equipment. You don’t have to look any further as we are the solution to your basement bathroom needs. You can reach our customer desk at any time of the day. Call us, and we will be there for you.

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